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''With A Heart For The World''

The Life of Jesus;
The main events in the life of Jesus
1. Jesus' birth- Luke 2:1-7
2. The worship of the Shepherds
Luke 2:8-20
3. The dedication of Jesus in the temple in Jerusalem-
 Luke 2:21-38
4. The visit of the wise men-Matthew 2:1-12
5.The escape to Egupy Matthew 2:1-12
6. Jesus in the temple, age 12- Luke 2:41-50
7. Jesus is baptisted- Matthew 3:13-17
8. Jesus is tempted in the desert
Matthew 4:1-11
9. Jesus chooses his 12 apostles 
Matthew 10:1-4
10. Peter says that Jesus is the Christ
Matthew 16:13-20
11. Jesus is transfigured Matthew 17:1-13
12. Jesus enters Jerusalem on a donkey on Palm Sunday 
Matthew 21:1-11
13. Jesus weeps over Jerusalem Luke 19:41
14. Jesus eats the Last Supper in the upper room John 13:14

Jesus I Love You
Norman Hutchins (Nobody But You)

15. Jesus prays in the Garden of Gethsemane 
John 18:1-11
16. Jesus is arrested and put on trial 
John 18:12-19:15
17. Jesus is crucified
 Mark 15:21-41
18. Jesus rises from the dead 
Matthew 28:1-7
19. Then risen Jesus is seen, on 10 occasion
Luke 24: 13-35
20. The ascension of Jesus Luke 24:51 

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