'' Evangelizing The GOSPEL Throughout The World'' 


''With A Heart For The World''


A Wounded Spirit, Transformed

A wounded spirit, God wants to mend
To bring healing and wholeness once again

Where there's brokenness, God gives new hope
And waters our souls to bring new growth

When we have no one, He calls us His friend
And forgives our sins, so we're not condemned

His love goes deep and covers our sin,
So His light may shine brightly within

Dispelling darkness and deep despair,
His love is constant and always near

The cleansing streams of God's sweet grace
Washes over us as we embrace

His holy word that came to life
In the person of His Son, Jesus Christ,

Who brings to us life, hope and love
And eternal blessings from His throne above

I could never want anything more
Than forgiveness and healing from my Lord

For we shall not stay wounded or dismayed,
But be transformed by the word He gave

And with His spirit sent to comfort us,
We shall emerge with faith, hope and love.

Everybody Praise Him
Arleen Dorn

Beyond Mere Existence

Why does it seem so easy
To slowly grow so cold,
To lose that fire we once had known
That burned within our souls?

We start to lose the joy
And life becomes a bore,
We just live from day to day
With no hope in the Lord

We give up on the dreams,
We once had in our hearts,
We settle down to mere existence
Alone within the dark

Oh God our spirits yearn
To know you so much more,
We don't want to just exist
But know you as before

To feel your presence in our lives
And a new song on our lips,
To walk in victory every day,
O Lord, we long for this

Come, O God, and touch us
Ignite us once again,
So we will burn with holy zeal,
More than we had back then

Fill us with your spirit, Lord,
And we shall be renewed,
So joy can be restored to us
With brand-new hope in you.