'' Evangelizing The GOSPEL Throughout The World'' 


''With A Heart For The World''


Veighle Chapel Baptist Church, May 31, 2015, Sunday Morning Service 11:00 Am, Rev. Dr. Doris Dorsey

Veighle Chapel Baptist Church, March 29, 2015, Sunday Morning Service 11:00 Am, Rev. Frankie Dorsey 

Veighle Chapel Baptist Church, 2400 Leesburg Rd. Columbia, SC. 29209

Spring Revival; March 4-6, 2015

March 5, Speaker Rev. Dr. Doris Dorsey 7:00 Pm 

Sincere Women on The Move; Celebrating 22nd Anniversary;  Visionary; Prophetess/ Pastor BJ. Hubbard

Theme; ''It's a Journey'' Don't Lose Sight of Your Purpose''

February 28, 2015 10:30 Am

Speaker, Rev. Doris Dorsey PhD.

Capital City Church; Monticello Rd., Columbia, SC 29203

Ascending Word Ministries; Memphis TN. Dr. Della Tingume; Pastor

Third Annual, Women Willing to Work for the Lord Conference

Bethesda Word of Life Christian Center, 3530 Orchi, Memphis TN   

 7:00 Pm July 18-19,2014

Four Gospel Revival; Host Triumph Church and Kingdom Of God

363 Huger Streets Cheraw, SC 

January 5-8,  2013

Speaker Rev. Dr. Doris Dorsey

Speaking from the book of Matthew; 

 Opening night January 5: 3:00 pm


Triumph Church and Kingdom Of  God;

Elder Donnie &  Delores Evang.Chapman

363 Huger Street Cheraw, SC

November 23, 2013; 10:00 am  

Speaker Rev. Dr. Doris Dorsey

Message ; If It Had Not Been For The Lord On My Side''

Women Of God Forever &
 Vision In You Outreach Ministries
Ordination Ceremony & Award of Excellence Celebration 2013 
Theme; ''The Blessing Of Justfication Is Your If You Want It''
Host; Pastor Dr. Lenora Peterson Maclin 
August 10, 2013;
God's Tabernacle Of Faith Church;
 19000 Garden Blvd. Warrenville Heights, Ohio 
Senior Pastor, Rev. Timothy & First Lady Katie Eppinger

World Wide Web Revival; The Voice Of Reasons Ministries

Theme; Break Every Chain!

Pastor/Prophet Mary Washington

 Labor Day weekend 7-9pm nightly

September 1-7, 2013

Speakers; Prophet Mary Washington, Pastor, Steve Dindwiddie, Evangelist Connie HayesW, Minister Maurice Lewis, Missionary Doris Minister Elizabeth Robinson, Rev. Dr. Doris Dorsey 

Hurting Women Healing Ministries Inc.

1st. Annual Confrence; Theme ''Do You Wanrt To Be Made Whole?''

June 25-27, 2010

Friendship Missionary Baptist Church 

182 S. Pike East, Sumter, SC

Host Minister/ Evangelist Evelyn Adewoye

Speakers;Rev. Doris Dorsey, Pastor, Myra Pearson,

Elder Jean Bonds, Minister Bonita Shelby, Evangelist Alfrieda Edelen, Minister Dawn Dennison

Hurting Women Healing Ministries 

Theme; Refreshing The Flesh'' Revival

 2 Timothy 1:16

3 Reunion Anniversary;August 25-26, 2012

Speakers; Rev. Dr. Doris Dorsey., Pastor, Dr. Myra Pearson, Apostle Evelyn Adewoye, Pastor, Christ Rose, Pastor  Mary Ragins 

Tag Team Conference; Women Willing to Work for the Lord

 Scriptures; Acts 20:6-12; July 19, 2013

 Host Dr. Della Tingume,  Ascending Word Ministries

Theme; ''Joy in the Middle of the Night''

 Agape Evangelistic Ministries COGIC Memphis TN.

 Pastor's; Apostle Eric & Dr. Carolyn Patton

Speakers; Rev. Dr Doris Dorsey, Rev. Verile Horton,

 Dr. Della Faye Sheffield, Dr. Carolyn Patton, Minister Artesia Shears, Prophetess Alisa Gibson, Dr. Della Tingume

New Hope Outreach Ministries

Women Conference 2013; Sunday Oct. 20, 2013; 11:00 am

Theme;'' Possess The Land'' Joshua 1:3 

Speaker; Rev. Dr. Doris Dorsey, Dr. Della Sheffield, Dr. Della Tingume, Min. Alisa Gibson, Evangelist Ernestine Anderson, Min, Artees Shears, 

Apostle Shockie Weathington Chief Apostle& Overseer

459 E. Olive Ave, Memphis TN. 

AgapeMissionary Baptist Church

340 White Jenkins Road Bessener City, NC 28160

Pastor; Rev. Larry Pressley

 Theme; ''The Four Gosples Program''

Sunday Oct. 14, 2021

Speakers; Matthew Gospel Cathy P. Woods, 

Mark Gospel; Rev. Dr. Doris Dorsey

Luke Gospel; Evangelist Tonya Flack

John Gospel; Minister Kimberil Timmons

Naomianest Ministries Present;

Messy! Messy ! Conference

 ''All Sugar Coated on the Outside But Messy on the Inside''

Oct. 7-8, 2010 

611 n. E. Lop 410  Hilton Airport Hotel, San Antonia, Tx. 

Host;  Prophetess/Pastor, Cassandra Davis

Speakers; Rev.Doris Dorsey ,Elder StephanieLyons,

Pastor Mario Ramos, Prophetess Pastor Cassandra Davis 

''Walking Worthy Of The Lord''

September 9-11/2011 @ 7:00 PM est. Nightly on 347-237-5593


Apostle Arthur Timberlake,Pastor of Power House Ministrie International 09/09, Missippi

Elder Dywane Timberlake, Assistant Pastor of Power Source Christian Center 09/10, Louisiana

Rev. Frankie J. Dorsey, Co- Pastor Of IHPMWE 09/11,  Coulmbia,South Carolina

                True Life Outreach Ministry ; Presents

                Host; Minister Bonnie Howell 

                ''Cherishing The Life We Share Conference''

                 Date: November 18, 2011

                 Location: 7521W. Colonial Drive, Orlando, Florida 

               Golden Corral Restaurant Banquet room

               Guest Speaker;                            Mistress Of Ceremony

           Rev. Doris J. Dorsey, Columbia, SC   Minister Janet Campbel

Preach The Word World Wide NetWork

Tallahassee Flordia

July 10, 2010

Message; Salvation 

In His Presence Ministry World Evangelist

7th year Annual Revival ;  Daughter's Of God'' 

September 21-26, 2010; 7:00 pm nightly

Theme, '' What is the Condition of Your Heart'' 

Scriptures; Matt. 5:8; Pro. 4:23; 1 Peter 3:3-4

700 Greenlawn Dr. Columbia, SC 29209

Speakers; Evangelist Betty Gains, Apostle Debar Deveaux,

Pastor/ Prophetess Barbara Hubbard, Evangelist Delores Chapman

Spirit Filled Woman Ministry  1st. Annual Conference


AND MY SPIRIT REJOCIES IN GOD MY SAVIOR''                           

     SCRIPTURE; LUKE 1:46-47

August 09-13, 2011@ 7:00 PM nightly on

                                       Guest Speakers;

Minister Coylette  James of  MarketPlace Ministries, LasVegs NV

Pastor Devri Pratt of Well To Do Woman, Borward, Florida

Rev. Marilyn Hinton of Emmanuel  Baptist Church, Gastonia,NC

Prophetess/ Evangelist Khrishena Owusu Anash of Simply The Word Ministries  Int.  Chicago LL.

Prophetess Linda Porter of Nashville, Tennesse

Minister Catisha Asbury of Women of Harvest , Nashville, Tennesse

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