His promise for us. Sanctification would strengthen His followers. There was another reason why they should be sanctified. It would make them one with Jesus. Sanctification brings unity of faith. Jesus wants His people to believe all His Word; and when they do they are one with believers, and one with Him. There was yet another reason why the disciples needed sanctification. Jesus wanted the world to know that they were His followers. He wanted His people to be so much like Him that the world would know that they were Christians. We are made holy at sanctification, and that image of God that Adam and Eve lost when they sinned in the Garden is restored. We become like God in righteousness and holiness. May we remember that we must be in the image of God, and live so that the world can see Jesus in our lives. When our lives are lived for Jesus, and our conduct is pure, we prove that God sent His Son to die for us. We could never live a consistent, holy life if we did not have the nature of sin removed from our heart through the Blood of Jesus. It is important that our lives prove that we are Christians. We want to be lights to guide others to the Kingdom of God, and not a stumbling block to bar the way.

 QUESTIONS 1. How did Jesus close His last speech to His disciples before His death?

 2. Name some of the times when Jesus prayed. 

3. For whom did Jesus pray at this time? 

4. For what did Jesus pray?

 5. Why did Jesus come to earth? 

6. What does Jesus promise to His faithful followers? 7. Give three reasons why Christians need to be sanctified. 8. What image must Christians bear? 9. Where does Jesus want His children to be? 

Arleen Dorn

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