'' Evangelizing The GOSPEL Throughout The World'' 


''With A Heart For The World''

When your burden grows heavy- Matthew 11:25-30
When God seems far away- Psalm 139
When you are drawn into quarrels- James 3
A good recipe for happiness- Colossians 3:12-13
If life is treating you cruelly- Romans 8:18-39
Jesus' rules for Christian behavior- Matthew 5
When you are in trouble or danger- Psalm 23, 31, 46, 91, 121
For Christian guidance and assurance- Romans 8
When men forsake you- Psalm 27
When you are discouraged- Isaia 40
For reassurance in old age- 2 Corinthians 4:5-16
When you have business worries- Matthew 6:19-34
When you want to give thanks- Psalms 33, 98, 145
When you are in mourning- 1 Corinthians 15:20-58
When you need courag for your task- Joshua 1
For Paul's portrail of a gentleman- Romans 12
For Jesus' advice on prayer- Matthew 6:5-15
When you are broken hearted- Psalm 147
When you are lonely- Psalm 25
When you need God's guidance- Psalm 37
When you are depressed- Psalm42
When you need God's pardon- Psalm 130
When you are building a home- Psalm 127
When you are sad- Psalm 6
When you have sinned- Psalm 51
When you are upset- Psalm 109

God in the Psalms;
God and His power- Psalm 26
God and His love- Psalm 136
God and His glory- Psalm 48
God and His creation- Psalm 8
God and His forgiveness- Psalm 32
God and His suffering- Psalm 22
God and His greatness- Psalm 145
God and His goodness- Psalm 34

I Surrender All (Alone In His Presence Album Version)
CeCe Winans (Alone In His Presence)

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