'' Evangelizing The GOSPEL Throughout The World'' 


''With A Heart For The World''

                History;  In His Presence Ministry World Evangelism 

Evangelizing The Gospel Through Out The World; ''With A Heart For The World''

The Lord embraced Rev. Dr. Doris Dorsey' heart with a vision. That vision was, ''In His Presence Ministry'' after sharing that vision with her husband. Through much prayer and fasting They accepted that call with faith in their ''Heavenly Father.'' On August 7, 2003 the seed was planted for Bible Teaching for Women every Thursday evening  6:00 pm, at Agape Bible College and Seminary 220 Highland Street, Gastonia, NC under the Rev. Dr. Timothy Goode (Dean/Visionary). Teaching Women to accept the call to ''BE YE HOLY,' For I AM HOLY.'' ( 1 Peter 1:16)'  Teaching them to walk with God., With a guide for daily prayer and godly living.. On September 15-20, 2003 In His Presence Ministry Host it's first annual women conference. ''Daugther of the living God, in His presence with praise through the anointing of the Holy Spirit.'' held at Agape Bible College and Seminary, 7 :00 pm nightly with a bunch service on that Saturday. ''Theme; My soul magnifies the Lord, and my spirit rejoice in God my Savior.

 ( Luke 1:46b), ''Worship the Father in spirit and truth'' ( John 6:23). On May 10, 2004 IHPMWE was registered in the deeds of records in Gastonia, NC. The mission of IHPMWE is to continue in Jesus Christ's Ministry. That is to seek the lost and share the Gospel of Jesus. Lifting Christ is our purpose that He may draw men unto Him. God will do the drawing and it is up to the individual to respond to the Gospel message of the Kingdom. Jesus said, ''For the Son of man is come to seek and save the lost.'' IHPMWE purposes but reach, reaching in, worship, fellowship, discipleship, and service. Our task is to evangelize, ealt, encourage, edify, and equip. The Ministry's focus is on basic human needs, a purpose to live for, a power to live on, people to live with, principle to live by and a profession to live. IHPMWE is reachingout to individuals through feeding  over 100 + men, women and Childern at the Salvation Army, clothing the naked in Gastonia ,NC every second Saturday, preparing food in our home and transporting it to the shelter for the men, women and childern., and administer the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Praying for and visting the sick in their homes Nursing home. comforting those that are depressed, hurting from mental, and physical abuse, from rejection,, lack of self-worth,, addictions of all kind sexual, alcohol, sucidual tendencies. Comforting those that were grieving over love ones, ""Pastorial, Soul Care"' caring for the whole person, physical, spiritual, emotional, intellectual, social needs as servants of the Lord, Jesus Christ.  Reaching out to individuals in the spirit of our Lord Jesus Christ, He love them ( Matt. 9:36), He met their needs ( Matt. 15:30, Luke 6:17-18), and He taught them in interesting and practical ways ( Matt. 13:34; Mark 10:1,12-37). IHPM believes in justification by faith alone. The biblical principles of Jesus Christ assure us that we don't need a building to draw a crowd. IHPM strongly believes is a Christ like ministry. There are no gimmicks or compromising of convictions to gather a following. There will be no watering down the Gospel message. At this time 2003 IHPMWE has a temporary base at Agape Bible College and Seminary, 220 Highland street in Gastonia, NC. In 2006, IHPMWE moved to York Street in Gastonia, NC.  And celebrates its 2 annual women conference September 15-20. Teaching, preaching the Gospel message services held on Sunday @ 11:oo am and Bible Study on Wednesdays at 6:00 pm. With few members coming together to give God glory, praise, and studying His Word. The Church was called; 

''In His Presence Christian Church'.'  In 2009 The Church took on another change it went from the physical base to a ''World Wide Web Ministry' on BlogtalkRadio. Evangelizing the Gospel throughout the world. The name was than change to, ''In His Presence Ministries World Evangelism'' an Evangelistic Ministry, Evangelizing the Gospel of Jesus Christ through internet broadcasting  all over the world having 1,000's of  listeners listing through computers, phone, Itune ect. Praying for others on line through the computer, and conference calls, blogtalk, talkshoe,, and contact me through e-mail. INHPMWE is still reaching out, reaching in and reaching the world through the Gospel of Jesus Christ, ''With a Heart for the World.'' 

Under INHPMWE was born ''Spirit Filled Woman of God'' which broadcast on blogtalk and talkshoe starting 2010, also ''In His Presence Ministry Christian Couch Counseling.'' IHPMWE continues to serve others through the teaching, preaching, prayer, reaching out and reaching in. Soul care and the seek the lost and lead them to Jesus Christ through the lifting up of His death, Burial, and Resurrection, letting them know that God loves them and that Jesus die for them John 3:16-18. 

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