'' Evangelizing The GOSPEL Throughout The World'' 


''With A Heart For The World''

Will Work For Jesus!

Will work for Jesus,No matter the cost.Looking to save,
Those who are lost.

 Willing to labor,
Without a fee.

Looking for those,
He can set free.
Willing to go,
Ready to leave.
Looking to help,
Others to believe.
Will travel far,
Wide as I need.
Looking for hungry,
People to feed.
Willing to forsake,
Life as I know.
Looking to plant,
Water, feed, and sow.
Will take up cross,
With joy and pride.
Looking to gather,
for Jesus his bride.
Luke 9:22-26

An Opportunity

To all who are trusting Jesus, there's
a message I'd like to relay,
About the opportunities that God gives
to you each and every day.
They come so that you'll have a chance
to serve Him with your best,
And will continue to come up until God
has given you eternal rest.
Some may seem unimportant and just not
worth the effort you'd give,
Remember, God takes the smallest seed
and gives it the strength to live.
The same with those opportunities no
matter how trivial they appear,
Perhaps it'll be a simple spoken word
that someone needed to hear.

If you happen to be in a crowd, God's
opportunities are always nearby,
All that's required is a sincere smile
and friendly voice in saying hi.
This just might change an attitude and
help make someone's day,
Giving them a better frame of mind in
how to treat others along the way.
You don't have to leave home, there's
opportunities from where you live,
God can use prayer warriors for many
things if you take time to give.
With every opportunity you have, know
that God has placed it there,
No matter what it requires, a sincere
smile or a heartfelt prayer. 

by Robert Hedrick

Because Of You
CeCe Winans (Alone In His Presence)

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